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Your email address will not be published. Feel the miracle of your physical self and how it communicates elegantly with your mind, emotions, and spirit. Now extend your consciousness beyond your body to nature and feel how alive every stone really is, how much life pulses in the soil, plants, and animals.

Now extend your mind to Earth herself and imagine that you are she.

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Feel the heat of molten material at your core, the hardness of rocky mantle that encases that core, and the thin crust that serves as your skin. On that rich surface, feel the waters of oceans, the airs of winds, and the heat of sunlight. In that moment, know that you are material and yet spiritual and that you have all you need to live abundantly on both these planes.

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This sign also loves the photographic arts and can sell their photography or videos online. Along with their business savvy comes many creative talents as well. They are good at doing things such as designing their own websites and building a virtual empire. They can also easily parlay these talents into a career at designing sites or web businesses for others for others. They are also natural cinematographers and editors and some Aquarians are very good at scoring music for videos and movies as well. They do better than most signs at being freelancers because they can handle the stress of waiting to be assigned or paid.

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Fabulous lunar influences at the start of the day zone in on useful decisions and choices, with some very loving intervals for attached Goats too. However, one. Click here for a free astrology reading or call now. Monthly Star Ratings Love 4 Money 3 Mood 5 Style 4 Monthly Compatibility Signs Love.

They do well to go out into the community somehow and be of service there. They are also ideal to work on crisis lines as they are generally very calm, empathic individuals. This water sign also has a deep appreciation for little children and even older Pisceans would be great at running a babysitting service or day care center.

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This sensitive sign is also good at composing music and many of them are also talented artists. Moonlighting as a videographer or illustrator could earn this sign some extra bucks. Fish are also great agriculturalists.

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They could make money raising any type of animal, growing grapes, making wine, or making their own honey. Being a water sign, they love working around or being in the water so they also make fantastic lifeguards and aquafit instructors. Yet another talent is growing rare plants such as bonsai or orchids for selling online on eBay. Money attracts more money like a magnet! I put little g's on the calendar for the good days,. Thank you Empress-N.

We hope this can help you, Best wishes Coca. I'll give you your cornerstone letter and its meaning, thats the very first letter in your name. I am also going to give you your Pythagorean number with it. I will indicate it with a P use it with your letter number to form pairs.

You don't beat around the bush you are direct and have strong opinions. You have a great knack for taking charge of tough situations, you are very brave and very stubborn, take time to listen to those around you. You might want to take more steps toward independence.

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Your sense of humor goes hand in hand with your quick wit. Your mostly cheerful and spontaneous. Sometimes you lack concentration. D-4 P-4 You are down to Earth, and posses pratical common sense. You maintain order and discipline. You also have natural leadership qualities, however sometimes your to tough and unwavering. You are nobodies fool. You will listen to all sides, but you need more discipline. You are very helpful but need to realize when others need to help themselves.

Your home is usually warm and inviting. G-7 P-7 Academic excellence, you think things through, your strong willed and have great determination. You are well disciplined and have great visions, wealth and power are for your asking. You may have strong psysic abilities.

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H-8 P-8 You have your own style, you can make the money but, somehow you lose the money, you see your traits and will do okay in the long run. You always depend on yourself and sometimes your the loner, self doubt can leave you feeling unsure of yourself at times, a walk will help with this,. I-9 P-9 You have great taste, you can be overly emotional and accident prone, you also have artistic flair, try not to go from one extreme to another, you need balance.

J P-1 You are honest and fair, people depend on you and you come through. Your words are kind and sincere. You are a puzzle solver, sometimes you try to please to many at once, pace yourself.

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K P-2 You have a strong drive to succeed , have keen intuition , you can be quite forceful and high-strung, learn to control the nervous tension. L P-3 You are intellectual, sometimes your to slow to react or make a decision, you honest and sincere, you like to travel and when your stressed out you are prone to minor accidents.

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M P-4 Your are hardworking and very efficient. Family is important, but you need to be more patient with others. N P-5 Your a people person, you will change your mind often, you are attracted to sensual things and can be very creative. O P-6 Your will power go from high to low quickly, you have high standards and can be very patient.

You show respect for others but sometimes jealousy gets in your way. P P-7 You like to learn and have common sense, sometimes you get to impatient with people and are not very generous with your time, you go deep into your own thoughts and lose time. Q P-8 You attract the cash, you become erractic and lose it. Your a natural leader but sometimes mis-understood.

You are often the victim of gossip due to you guarded secrecy. You can overly critical and must learn tolerance. S P-1 Your the Charmer , your a warm loving person and devoted to family.

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You want to experience it all. Your very protective and sometimes overly aggressive. U P-3 You tend to be very lucky, you are in the right place at the right time, but you can also be very selfish and indecisive and unwilling to commit. V P-4 You are insightful and you inspire, you also may be prophetic, Your imagination is equally strong. You are efficient and want results, You are sincere, loyal and dependable, you can also be very possessive of the opposite sex.

W P-5 You have good intuition and are very determined, you like to involve yourself with many activities at once, you are organized. Your a good speaker but, somtimes you procrastinate. People see you as stylish you can be very tempermental and have addictive qualities.

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Y- 25 P-7 You are happy go lucky and love freedom, you have great courage and are independent, however you are to slow to make a decision. Z P-8 You are the eternal optimist, you see the bright side of every situation, you have high expections and you are very understanding and have great compassion. Thanks Harvest,Sully and all other posters,pretty interesting things being posted here. If you haven't already, check out the About Us page that explains the main features of our site.

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Ik lijk de laatste jaren toch iets meer belang te hechten aan comfort en minder aan curiositeiten die me een hele dag op de zenuwen zullen werken, omdat ze knellen of jeuk veroorzaken. Bij jarretelles komt daar nog de vraag bij: draag je ze boven of onder de slip? De meest esthetische manier is de minst praktische.

Een dringende plas wordt daardoor onmogelijk lang uitgesteld. Goed voor een EDDS-je op zaterdagavond met Man eerst dineren dan seksen , maar niet om op een woensdag mee aan de schoolpoort te staan, teneinde de eigen sensualiteit en het seksuele zelfvertrouwen doordeweeks wat te stimuleren. Ik besef het, enigszins tot mijn spijt.

De laatste jaren heb ik gewoon geen moeite meer gedaan om jarretelles te dragen. Toen Moppie een baby was, was ik al blij als ik schone kleren zonder spuugvlekken kon vinden.

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This is a phenomenon where patients who have had heart transplants find, post-operatively, that their personality changes. Judging by what I know about the personalities of each sign, I'd say Leo and Aquarius have addictive and experimental personalities so maybe they'd be more prone to addiction The challenge here is to capture the newly found and defined self-confidence you gained while Saturn was in Virgo, and now apply it in the real world. Many commentators are feeling that democracy is under threat. Mercury, the planet of thought and speech, is in your sign, so you seem very bright and full of ideas. Your relationships this month are fiery and passionate, with Mars, the planet of energy in your solar love zone.

Dat pragmatische moederdenken is er nooit meer uit gegaan. Kleren moeten mooi zijn, maar vooral ook makkelijk. Een jarretellengordel hoort daar voor mij niet bij. Vandaar die mokerslag.